Australia And Oceania Flags Quiz

Want to learn new flags and discover new countries? Is it possible to be ready to pass the test and demonstrate your knowledge? Remember geography lessons and children's encyclopedias and set a record in the game Australia And Oceania Flags Quiz. Bright flags and countries from the farthest corners of the world await you.

Discover the flags of Australia and the countries of Oceania. It's time to deal with the many islands and flags that are real works of art. The player's task is to find the flag of the specified country. Read the name of the state and choose the correct option. Two options are displayed on the screen, which makes the task much easier.

In total, the quiz includes 14 countries. On the screen, you can monitor the number of passed questions, as well as the ratio of correct answers to the total number. Green indicates the flag that corresponds to the state, red indicates the wrong option.

With such a quiz, you will be able to look at the flags in detail and practice or deepen your knowledge. Improve attention, visual memory, logical thinking and show the best results. Play Australia And Oceania Flags Quiz and relax. Do not miss a great way to change your activity and spend your free time interestingly.

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