Capitals of the World

Open the world map and remember geography lessons. Capitals of the World is an interesting game about countries and capitals. Get points for correct answers, remember the names of the main cities of each state and find them on the map.

Start the game from the first level, which is the easiest. When you're ready, move on to the next ones. Questions will appear on the screen. The player's task is to determine the capital of which country is the city specified in the question. For the answer, click on the territory on the world map. If the state is specified correctly, the area is highlighted in green.

Go to the next question. If you failed to guess the country and its location, you have two more attempts. When they are exhausted, the correct area will be highlighted. Use this tip, remember the location. This will allow you to navigate the map as quickly and correctly as possible.

The player receives 100 points per account at the start. The number of points decreases if there are mistakes. Answer the questions as fast as possible to set the record. The time is fixed by the timer on the screen.

A great way to change your activity, recharge your brain and travel around the world. Compare your achievements after each level and set records in speed and number of correct answers.

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