Cities Quiz

How well do you know geography? It's time to check and go on a trip to the cities of the world. Cities Quiz is an exciting quiz about the location of megacities on the world map. The task will be interesting for adults and children. Train your memory, gain new knowledge of geography and travel in your smartphone.

The main task is to find the city on the map. A world map opens before the player. The names of megacities appear on the screen one by one. Country names have been added to make the task easier. This significantly narrows the search area. To be as accurate as possible, you should enlarge the image of the map. Guess the location of 6 megacities. Bonus points are added for the speed of the task.

Upon completion, the participant receives the result of the game. The screen shows the points received, as well as your own record. In statistics, you can also track the average distance of error and the most accurate answer. The correct answers and the designation of the player are also visually marked on the card.

Try to mark as accurately as possible, guess the location, and get the maximum number of points. Learn to navigate on the map, demonstrate your knowledge of geography and just have a good time.

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