Open the game - immerse yourself in the world of mysteries and journeys. Citydle is a quiz game for geography connoisseurs and those who want to expand their knowledge of countries and cities.

Accept the daily challenge and guess the names of the largest cities in the world. The main field of the game is the search bar. The name of the classified city must be typed here. You can choose a name from the list, where all names are arranged in alphabetical order.

Choose and enter the first name. If the attempt is unsuccessful, use the hints that will appear on the screen. The name will be highlighted in a certain color. The gray color indicates that the player did not guess either the continent or the country. Orange indicates that the continent has been guessed correctly. Yellow shows the correct location in the country. Green indicates victory.

In addition, a number and an arrow will appear next to the name, indicating the distance to the city that needs to be guessed. The arrow shows the direction from the selected location.

In the statistics section, the participant can check the generalized data about the game: the number of rounds played, the percentage of wins. In addition, interesting facts about the mysterious city are indicated.

Demonstrate your intelligence, develop and improve your memory and thinking, and learn a lot about the world around you.

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