Countries of Europe Quiz

Do you know the location of all European countries and can you find them on the map without any problems? It's time to check. Countries of Europe is an interesting intellectual game, not a boring geography lesson. Answer questions, search for a country and get points for your account. Train and succeed.

At the beginning of the game, the participant receives 100 points for the account, a map of Europe and a lot of time. The player is faced with questions about the location of one or another state. Look at the map and click on the territory.

If the country is colored green, it indicates the correct answer. Incorrect answers are highlighted in red. The player has three attempts at each question. When all possible options are exhausted, the area will be highlighted with a dotted line.

The level has 30 questions. Answer the questions and get the result of the game. The account, as well as the time spent searching for states. To get the best result, answer as accurately and quickly as possible. Track the time on the timer.

Pass level by level, improve your geographical knowledge and go on a journey through the map of Europe. An intelligent quiz game with simple tasks and bright graphics activates thinking, visual memory and excitement. Set records and win.

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