Country Flag Quiz

Show how well you know the flags of the countries of the world. There is a chance to set your record in the game Country Flag Quiz. Bright flags of countries even from the most remote corners of the world await you, and a fast running timer. It will take geography lessons to succeed. Use the game to train your memory and deepen your knowledge about the symbols of the countries of the world.

Four flags are displayed in front of the player, as well as the name of the country. For success, it is important to answer the questions in time before the time on the timer runs out. You need to guess 15 countries in total. Upon completion, the player can check the correctness of their answers. Guessed flags will be highlighted in green. The name of the country is indicated under each of them. Use this information and remember the image on the flags where the mistake was made.

Compare your result with previous achievements and set your own record. You can organize a competition with friends or a team game. Play to stay ahead, to get the most correct answers and just for fun.

Open new horizons and travel while at home, at school or lying on your favorite couch. Bright graphics, simple tasks make it interesting and fun to study the flags of all countries of the world.

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