Bright daily game for those who like to exercise their brain. Countryle is an intellectual geography quiz whose task is to guess the countries.

In the game, one country is guessed every day. To win, you need to guess the state by typing its name in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. The player makes the first attempt blindly. Without any hints. Then prompts are displayed on the screen.

Next to each country name indicated by the player, hints in several categories appear. The information highlighted in green is specific to the state that needs to be guessed.

Yellow indicates that the country is quite close, red indicates that the answer is very far from the correct one. Up and down arrows indicate that the secret state data is higher or lower than specified.

The table presents 6 categories: hemisphere and continent, where the country is located, average temperature, population of the country, as well as coordinates. Move on the map from the selected country in the direction indicated by the arrow to find the required state. The mission is to guess the name of the country in the minimum number of attempts.

Track progress in statistics. The data includes the number of games, victories, the percentage of passing the game in general and by continent.

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