Ready to compete and train your brain. Open the Dordle game and show your knowledge, guess the words and improve your own rating.

A field consisting of two segments is placed in front of the player. There are five cells in each, in which the word is encrypted. The player's task is to guess both words. To do this, it is enough to type a possible option in the top line. The letters will be repeated in the part opposite. The player has 6 attempts to guess both words.

If the puzzle word has a printed letter in its composition, the cell from it will light up in a different color. Green color indicates that the player has guessed the letter and its location in the secret word. The yellow color indicates that such a letter exists, but its place must be changed in order to guess the classified word. A possible option is when the square is painted with two colors in half. Such a letter in one word is in its place, in another it must be moved.

Click on the letters below the playing field. Use the corresponding key and erase the printed letters as needed.

The game is interesting from the first minutes and challenges everyone. Do not give up and get the victory as quickly as possible, using a minimum number of attempts.

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