Easy Flag Quiz

A real charge for the brain and the opportunity to travel to different countries. Easy Flag Quiz is a great game that will introduce you to the flags of different countries from around the world. Earn coins for each completed level and buy access to the next one.

The player's task is to determine to which country this or that flag corresponds. Choose a section for the game. The theme of each level corresponds to a certain part of the world: Western and Eastern Europe, Oceania, North and South America. Coins from the account should be used to open a new section. At first, the player has a starting amount, which is enough to open the first level of the quiz.

The flag and names of the four states appear on the screen in front. Choose one option, click on the name and get a reward for each correct answer. A timer is installed on the playing field, which is divided into three segments. The faster the answer is chosen, the more coins will be in the account.

For correct answers to all questions, the player receives three stars. If the received coins are not enough to open access to the next level, choose previous chapters and play again. So you can not only test your knowledge, but also gain new ones. Remember the flags and get more points next time.

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