Europe Flag Quiz

Interesting questions, bright images of the flags of European countries and a timer that adds excitement and play. Europe Flag Quiz is an online quiz for relaxation and intellectual exercise. Test your knowledge of geography and demonstrate the highest result.

The main task is to guess the flag of the country specified in the question. The name of the country and three flags, among which there is the flag of this state, appear in front of the player. The participant just needs to click on the corresponding image with the mouse button or on the touch screen. If the answer is correct, the flag will be highlighted in green. Incorrect options are highlighted in red.

There is a limited time for the answer. Seconds appear on the timer scale. If it was not possible to have time to choose a flag, the correct options will be highlighted on the screen. The player can monitor the number of completed questions and correct answers on the screen.

Study the national symbols of the countries of the world and test your knowledge. You can play individually, as well as organize team tournaments. Set your own record and challenge your rivals. Improve your memory, train your attention, travel the world and make the most of your free time. Europe Flag Quiz is a great way to change the type of activity

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