Discover new countries of the world and get to know their state symbols. Flagble is a bright puzzle game for intellectuals, where you have to guess the flags of the states and find the countries on the map.

The game is designed for a wide audience regardless of age and preferences. The rules are simple and clear. Six white segments are placed in front of the player, which make up the fabric of the flag. The ribbon should include the name of the country to which the flag belongs. You can choose from a list of names in alphabetical order.

The first attempt is made at random. If the player did not guess, one segment of the flag is revealed. Look carefully at the design and try to guess the country by choosing from the list. The more attempts used, the more the flag opens.

In addition to the flag, you can use other hints. In addition, the distance to the secret country is indicated next to the selected country names. Small arrows also indicate the direction in which the state is located according to the selected one.

At the end of the game, you can track statistics. The ranking table shows the number of rounds played and the percentage of successful games. You can compare at which step the classified country was guessed.

Open the game every day and improve your geography knowledge.

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