Flags of Asia Quiz

How well do you know the countries of the world? It's time to test your knowledge of geography and improve it. Flags of Asia Quiz is a popular game about Asian countries and their state symbols. Click on the correct answer and fill the piggy bank with coins.

Look at the flags and choose the names of the countries. Each level refers to a certain part of Asia: Central, Eastern, Southeast Asian countries, African states. You need to guess the flag in a certain time. Track it on the timer. The scale is divided into three parts. The faster the player answers, the more coins he keeps in the account.

When the level is passed, the money you get can be spent to open the next chapter. There is not enough money in the account, pass the available level again for a better result and to replenish the piggy bank.

The game can also be used as training. If the answer is wrong, the correct option will be highlighted. Memorize flags, color combinations, additional elements in the design and the name of the country. Take the quiz again and get the maximum number of points.

Interesting tasks with flags will train memory, guessing, and logical thinking. Travel through Asian countries and relax in your free time.

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