Geography Quiz

Ready to test your geography knowledge? Go full throttle. Geography Quiz is a real challenge for everyone. Travel through capitals and landmarks, guess the flags, look for countries on the map, and demonstrate your knowledge of currency.

The quiz game consists of several sections. Choose a category and answer the question. Each correct answer earns a star. Enter your name and reach the top position in the rating. When the game is over, track your progress in the TOP-15 section.

Remember the flags. There are 6 flags on the screen. Click on the one that corresponds to the name of the country. A similar category applies to capitals. Among the 6 main cities, choose the one that is the capital of the country on the screen. Demonstrate the ability to navigate the map. Choose the name of the state that occupies the territory marked on the map. Learn new facts about places of interest.

Guess the country where the monument of culture or architecture is located. The quiz about the monetary units of the countries of the world will be no less interesting. Choose the currency that corresponds to the name of the country on the screen among 6 options.

In each round you have three attempts and the time indicated on the timer. The game ends when time runs out and there are no free attempts left.

The player can track the number of correct answers both in each section separately and in the total score. Improve your knowledge with the best intellectual game

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