Globle game

Play newest popular geo quiz game - Globle. Your goal is to find a hidden country using hints. The darker the color (from yellow to red), the closer you are to hidden country!

The variety of intellectual games is becoming richer. Modeled after a popular word game. Globle is an interesting puzzle for those who are fond of geography. Test your knowledge of the world map, travel across countries and get daily rewards.

A globe is placed in front of the player, which can be turned either way. Every day there is a mysterious state, the name of which you need to guess. At the top of the screen is a ribbon. Type the name there. The selected country will be highlighted on the globe. The closer the state is to the desired one, the brighter its color. The color range starts from light pink to dark red.

The faster the country is found, the higher the place in the rating. You can check your achievements in general statistics. All answers, the closest distance to the border will be indicated there. In addition, the player can see the number of completed attempts, victories, the date of the last victory. In the settings, you can change the color scheme, switch night or day mode and other options.

This is a daily challenge for players who want to practice or test their knowledge of geography. Test your memory, train your thinking and enjoy an original game for the curious.

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