Exciting journeys through the most beautiful corners of the world await you every day. Landmark instantly transports you to extraordinary cities, delights with bright landscapes and wise questions. Quiz tasks will train memory and thinking.

Recognize the place by a small segment of the photo. In each round, the player has six attempts. After each wrong answer, additional parts of the landmark will be opened for the participant. Look carefully at the image and type the following option into the tape.

As a hint, you can use the options in the ribbon. Start typing the name and the system will display several possible options that start with the same letter or combination of letters. A new location opens daily.

You can follow the progress in the general statistics. The table shows the number of rounds played and the percentage of wins. Additionally, you can track how many attempts were used for guessing. The statistics section shows the time until the opening of the next location. You can share your success on social networks.

The game develops guesswork, improves logical thinking and trains memory. Discover new extremely beautiful places around the world.

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