USA Flags Quiz

The USA is a large country, which includes 50 states. Do you know their location and symbols? Find all the states of the country on the map and win. USA Flags Quiz is an intellectual geographical game that will introduce the regions of the United States and their flags. You have a difficult task ahead of you.

On the playing field there is a map of the USA, with the borders of all states drawn. The player gets the task of finding a state. The name is displayed on the screen, as well as the flag. The player clicks the mouse button on the section that corresponds to the state. If the choice is made correctly, the next name and flag of the state whose location must be indicated appears on the screen.

In case of a mistake, the player can move to the next area and click until he finds the correct answer. The screen at this time will show the abbreviated name of the state to click on.

The number of points is indicated in the corresponding section, namely: "Correct" or "False". By reviewing the location, the player can improve his score. Set your own record and improve your knowledge about the United States of America.

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