Wordle Unlimited

The popular intellectual word game has taken the world by storm. Wordle Unlimited fascinates with interesting tasks, simple and clear rules. The new level is available immediately and there is no need to wait all day.

The playing field consists of empty cells arranged in 6 rows. Each row contains 5 cells.

The player's task is to guess a puzzled word from 5 letters. To do this, you need to print a possible option in the first row. If you can't hit the target on the first try, use the hints on the field.

The letters in the first word will be painted in gray, yellow or green. The gray color indicates that such a letter does not exist in the classified word. The green elements are in the same place as in the puzzled definition. Yellow ones are also included, but you need to change their location.

When all attempts are used, surrender. Click on the button and get a ready answer. This round will count as a loss.

In the statistics, track information about the games played, the number and percentage of wins, the best rounds. An interesting puzzle improves memory, expands vocabulary and trains thinking. Rest and recharge your brain.

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