World Flags Quiz

Travel around the countries from your smartphone

World Flags Quiz is a game that will help not only to remember geography, but also to learn new countries and their flags. Train your memory, guess and expand your horizons.

The player's task is to choose from four flags the one that corresponds to the name of the country. Choose a game mode. In normal mode, the player gets 30 seconds to pass and 5 lives, that is, attempts.

The real challenge will be the level where you need to choose the flag for the name of the country from four options. The time is limited by a timer of 30 seconds. The task is complicated by the fact that the game ends after the first mistake.

For each correct answer, the participant receives additional points. The faster you click on the flag, the more points the player gets. At the end of the game, compare your score with the achievements of previous participants or with your own record. Organize competitions with friends and set records.

The game attracts with a simple, bright design. The task trains visual memory, logic, thinking, as well as the spirit of competition. Guess the flags, choose the countries, follow the timer and get pleasure from a successful result. Adults can refresh their knowledge of geography, and children will gain new ones. Spend your free time interestingly and usefully.

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