World Map Quiz

Do you want to know more about the countries of the world? It can be done easily, fun and interesting. World Map Quiz is a quiz game about the states of the entire planet, which will not only test your knowledge of geography, but also provide additional important information. Answer questions, search for territories on the map and travel the planet by clicking on the smartphone screen.

The player's task is to choose from several options the name of the country displayed on the map. The territory of the country is highlighted in different colors. To choose the right option, take into account not only the boundary line, but also the features of the landscape. In addition to the name of the country, the player also sees the corresponding flag, which can be used as a hint. Depending on the answers, the success rate depends, which is fixed as a percentage. Test your knowledge and set new records.

When the participant indicated the option, additional information about the countries opens before him. You can not only see the national flag and coat of arms, but also listen to the national anthem in an audio file, view information on the vocation, find out the list of languages, the capital and other interesting facts.

Expand your worldview, deepen your knowledge of geography, travel the world and have fun.

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