Can you guess the outlines of the hidden country on the world map with 6 attemts?

Of course, we all studied geography at school, the names of the countries of their capitals. And how about remembering the outlines of countries? Do you think you will succeed? The Wordle game is exactly for this, your task is to guess the hidden country by its outlines in just 6 attempts.

There are more than 200 countries all over the world, and of course you know many of them. What about country shapes? Surely you remember the outlines of your homeland. But do you remember their outlines of other countries? :) In Worldle Unlimited game, your task is to guess the outlines of a hidden country using hints (without which it will be difficult to do this).

Do you remember the outline of your home country on the map? What about neighboring countries? Or even some more distant African, Asian, South American countries? Guessing them will be more difficult. Цe invite you on our website to test how well you remember the shapes of the countries of the world.

You will probably guess some countries right away, but others will cause you difficulties, in this case, use the hints. After each answer, you will see how close the hidden country is located, and in which direction (west or east) you need to move in order to guess. For each round you win, you get points.

The game can be played an infinite number of times.

This game is browser-based, you can play it online without downloading it to your computer, and it is also fully adapted for all models of smartphones and iPhones.

Of course, the more times you play it, the more you will learn new countries and even discover something new for yourself! And the easier it will be for you to win in the future. Good luck!

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