Guess the Country Flag Quiz

An interesting game for scholars about the countries of the world and their state symbols. Test your geography knowledge with Guess the Country Flag Quiz. Bright flags, multiple-choice tasks and an up-to-date rating. Accept the challenge and show off your achievements.

The player's task is to match the flag to the name of the country. The name of the state is displayed on the screen, as well as four different flags. One of them is the state flag of the indicated country. Recognized the flag - click on the image.

A certain amount of time is allocated to the search for a suitable state symbol. When the time runs out, the player can respond. In this case, even a correct answer will not bring points to the account.

Each guessed flag replenishes the player's score. The number of points corresponds to the time that remained unused. If you want to break the record, be as careful and fast as possible. Correct answers are highlighted in green, incorrect ones are colored in red. The screen shows the score of the game as well as the record that was set in the game as a whole.

The game raises the mood, trains attentiveness, memory and thinking. Relax and remember the flags of the countries of the world.

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