Around The World Quiz

Learn interesting facts about countries around the world. Around The World - is an educational game for adults and children. Exercise your memory, remember geography and demonstrate your knowledge by answering quiz questions.

An interesting game in the form of a quiz awaits the participants. The rules of the game are simple and accessible. Bright graphics and a clear algorithm await you on the screen. The participant's task is to answer questions about the countries of the world: about landmarks, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and mountains. It is enough to click on the answer and the next question will open before the player.

There are 10 questions in total. The game is limited to 5 minutes. Use all your knowledge and intelligence to answer as quickly as possible. On the screen, you can monitor the time left for answers and the number of completed questions. At the end, you can check the number of correct answers and compare with the previous round. Answer the questions and set your own records.

Play the game, answer the quiz questions and have fun spending your free time. Now it will not be boring to sit in a queue or in a traffic jam, you can discover the secrets of the whole world. Play alone or join teams, rejoice in the victories.

This game created by Kate Danilova. Project Link:

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