Travel to places of interest in the countries of the world. Explore parks and temples, statues and bridges, and demonstrate awareness of cultural landmarks.

Get five photos from a certain city. Guess the name and win. If the attempt was unsuccessful, the player receives a hint. The screen displays information on the distance from the target to the city specified by the participant. In addition, the direction is indicated, which can also be used as a hint. Move on the map in the indicated direction and look for clues on your way.

After each attempt, the player receives the next photo. Features of architecture, popular landmarks, bright works of art help to discover more interesting facts about the cities of the world.

You can type the name yourself or choose from the list. Not only the names of cities, but also countries are listed in alphabetical order. When guessing, you can start with the name of the country and choose the most accurate option from the list.

After completing the game, the player can view the statistics. The table shows the number of rounds played, the percentage of success, as well as in which attempt the location was guessed most often.

The puzzle tests memory, thinking, and attention. You have free time - travel to the famous places of the world in one click.

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