Guess the Flag Quiz

It's time to remember geography lessons and train your memory. Every country, even the smallest, has its own flag. Guess the Flag Quiz - is an exciting game in which you need to guess the symbol of the country and match it to the name. Take the opportunity to have fun and learn the flags of countries from around the world.

Refresh your knowledge in the "Education" section. Look at the flags, click on those that are unknown. The image die will rotate and the name of the country will appear in front of the player. When the repetition phase is complete, it's time to move on to the game.

249 flags of countries from all over the world are available in the game. You can choose both the countries of the whole world and a certain continent, which is much easier. At each stage there are three attempts to guess the correct flag. For correct answers, the player receives points.

There are several possible game options. Choose the optimal mode for you:

Regardless of the level, the player has three attempts to complete the task. Points are awarded for each correct answer. At the end of the game, compare your score with the established record.

Discover new countries for yourself, get to know their symbols, train your memory and have a good rest. Now you can catch up on your knowledge of geography just by playing an interesting game.

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