USA Map Quiz

Discover America by playing on your smartphone. USA Map Quiz is an interesting game that will introduce in detail the location of 50 states of one of the most powerful countries in the world. You can not only have an interesting time, but also renew your knowledge or acquire new ones. Get rewards for correct answers and reach the top of the rating.

An image of the USA map opens before the player. The player's task is to place each state on the map without contours and get points for the correct answer. For this, the participant has enough time to look at the contours and transfer the state to the general map. If the answer is incorrect, the area is highlighted in red and the player can correct the mistake. It is enough to move the state to another location.

During the game, the number of total attempts is fixed. You can separately monitor the statistics of correct answers. In addition, you can monitor the timer and set a time record. If memorizing the location of the American states was important until now, now you have an extremely interesting game that will make this task easier. Simple graphics, a clear task and an interesting algorithm will surely be appreciated by both young users and adults.

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