Show your guesswork and intelligence - discover the popular geography game - Statele. You have 6 attempts and one American state. An interesting puzzle for those who want to take a break from everyday worries and improve their knowledge.

An image of the American state is opened in front of the player. You need to identify the territory by the contours and guess the name.

After each attempt, the player will receive additional information that will facilitate the search. The distance to the secret territory will be indicated on the scoreboard next to the name of the state. The smaller the number, the closer the participant is to the goal. A small arrow indicates the direction from the player's chosen territory to the point where the state to be found is located. The percentage shows the level of accuracy. The further from the target, the smaller the percentage.

The game progress is recorded in the statistics section. A participant can track the number of rounds played. In addition, the percentage of victories relative to the total number of games played, the average statistical distance to the classified state is indicated. Success is indicated by the number of attempts used in each game and the most accurate hitting of the target.

Think through the clues and find the territory of the state in the next attempt. Every day a new state is classified. Set up competitions, improve your own result and get the highest possible rating in the general statistics.

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